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School Data Dashboard just published!

Whole School

The Ofsted Data Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of performance in a school and complements the Ofsted inspection reports by providing a summary of results data over a three year period as well as comparisons to other schools or providers, has just been updated with the 2014 results.

The Dashboard, available at, shows how well we are doing in relation to attainment and progress, where for Attainment our 5+ A*-C including English and Maths result put us in the top 40% of similar schools' results, and in the top 40% of all schools, while our Maths results put us in the top 20% of both similar schools and all schools. In Progress, our Maths results again put us in the top 20% of both similar schools and all schools, while our English results are in the top 40% of all schools. It is also worth noting the Science result, achieved on the basis of entering 97% of our cohort into the required Ebacc measure of Core and Additional Science, where other schools who appear to have done well have entered a smaller proportion of their cohorts.

These results are a reflection of the hard work and effort of students and staff and we are very proud of their achievements.

Tim Smith

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