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Year 7 Girls Football by Saffy


I am part of the Year 7 Girls Football Team. It’s run by Miss Spencer and we currently have 13 girls involved. Recently, we’ve had quite a few things going on for us. First of all, a few weeks ago, on a Thursday after school, we all hopped into the minibus and went to play an away match at Matthew Arnold. We came back having won 7-2. We were very happy.

But last Tuesday, after school, we went to a tournament. It was our first tournament playing together. We did a few warm-ups and practised passes and shooting, before it started. There were six schools there: Matthew Arnold, St Pauls, Jubilee High, us, and two others.  In our first match, we won 3-0. We were off to a very good start. In our next match, we played Jubilee High and won again 3-1. Since we’d won both of our matches, we were through to the semi-final. It was against Jubilee High because they had won their other match and scored one goal in ours. It was a very good goal though so it’s no wonder our goalie Amba didn’t save it. We won the semi 3-0 and went through to the final! There was only one match left to play and one school left to beat. It was intense, but luckily, we scored a goal and won! We got to keep the trophy (well, Magna did) and all got a gold medal each. We were over the moon and all took a team photo together. Leah and Mae, our two captains, held the trophy together. It was great fun and the next day, at break time, Mr Smith gave us doughnuts and cookies, yum!

5 of us also went to a tournament one Friday in Fulham and came 3rd of about 8. I wasn’t there but heard it was great.

I’ve had so many fun experiences in the team and can’t wait to have more… New players are welcome, if you feel like it sounds fun, we train after school on the field on Fridays. I love it, I find football such a great way to spend your time. I started off as a novice, as I haven’t played football much at all before, but I’m learning new skills and picking it up quickly and improving each week.

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