Cashless Catering System

Biometric cashless catering system at The Magna Carta School.

This is a technology that has been used successfully by many hundreds of schools and as a leadership team, we are convinced that this is the right way forward for The Magna Carta School.

We expect this system to improve the services we are able to offer students and staff significantly, with benefits including:

  • Reduction in queuing time
  • Reduction in administration time and cost dealing with lost or forgotten cards/passwords/PINs
  • Students will not have to remember to bring a card

We would like to make it clear that The Magna Carta School will comply at all times with the Data Protection Act and with the guidance given by Becta and by the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the use of biometric data.

Fingerprint images will not be stored by the system (instead, a set of coordinates is translated into a string of numbers and encrypted). The encryption method used by the system is a high level, industry standard method. The data held could not be used to recreate a fingerprint image, nor could it be used in a forensic investigation.

If you do not wish your child to use the biometric system we will provide reasonable alternative arrangements that allow them to access current and future services.

If you would like further information please contact the school:

BioStore FAQ's