We are the students involved in creating one of the first health and wellbeing apps created by students for students, and we’re here to tell you all about it! Our app, My TeenMind, focuses on supporting school’s student’s mental health and wellbeing with informative signs and understandable advice. We conducted a survey within our school the previous year and many students said they would like an app to support their wellbeing, so that was what we did.

Our class worked as a team and we immediately decided that several main topics were required. After weeks of research our app had 5 sections – My Mind, My Body, My Environment, My Relaxation and My Relationships. We worked very closely with Gaia Technologies, having weekly conversations via Skype; we told them our ideas and the amazing team helped and guided us by coding the app, showing us how an app was made in the process. Woking Mind an expert local Mental Health charity helped us too by providing links and provided some of the information.

Another feature which we added was a mood tracker, every day when you log on My TeenMind, several emojis/emoticons are displayed each portraying an emotion; Happy, Sad, OK, Anxious and Angry. You select the most appropriate emotion to what you are feeling and have the choice to add a comment. This is then displayed on a personal calendar. We hope that by doing this, you may seem to notice patterns, and for example, on Wednesday if you often feel anxious, you can then check our guide on anxiety and get support.

It is vital that some form of an online support system was created because nowadays a large number of activities we do involve the internet. The internet is so important to young people nowadays because they can talk to friends, watch TV so having a support service that anyone can access which is relatable to a student can really help them. The language is written so a teenager will understand it; also they have an answer to their concerns all in one app, so it’s very useful.

The app can be used by any teen! Regardless of their gender, age or school, My TeenMind can be used by all. By creating this app, our aim is to provide a library of information that can be updated, so that teenagers can improve their wellbeing and resolve any issue they may face. When we showed students at our school the comments included: “I wish we had this app when we were in year 7!” Students found the app very helpful and we hope that many others do across the UK.

Jack Keen
Year 9 Media student and project leader for My TeenMind app by The Magna Carta School