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The Governing Body of the Academy Trust, which includes the Head, have agreed the following Admissions Policy. This policy is in line with that operated by Surrey Education Authority, details of which will be included in the Authority’s booklet - Secondary School Admissions.

First priority is given to Looked After children and previously Looked After children; Second priority to those with exceptional circumstances; Third priority to siblings with brothers or sisters attending the school at time of admission; Fourth priority to students who attend named Feeder schools; Fifth priority to children for whom the school is the nearest to their home; Sixth priority - any other applicant.

Our full admissions policy can be seen below as well as in the policy download area of our website.

Admissions Policy 2019-20

Admissions Policy 2018-19

Admissions Policy 2017-18

Appeals Timetable

For information on in year admissions please click here

Parents admission comments 2015 (PDF 93.44KB)

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