Senior Leadership Team  
Mr T Smith - CEO Unity Schools Trust / Executive Head
Mrs L Simmons - Chief Financial Officer / Unity Schools Trust  
Dr K Janzan - Head of School
Mr J Thorpe - Deputy Head, DSL
Mr E Lake - Assistant Head
Mrs R Dunn - Assistant Head
Mr C Reilly - Assistant Head
Mr B Wilcox - Assistant Head


Mrs J Richardson - Head of Faculty
Mrs H Michell - Lead on KS3
Mr G Gallagher - Year 10 Pastoral Lead
Miss C Jones
Mr J Cartlidge
Miss A Ellis - Year 7 Progress Lead
Ms J Davis
Mrs L Fothergill
Mr J Lapinskas
Mr J Mouasher
Mrs S Whiting - English Intervention


Mr C Reilly - Head of Faculty
Mr Z Rahman - Lead on KS4
Miss A Venter - Lead on KS3
Mrs A King
Mr M Deacon
Mrs C Harrison - Senior NQT Mentor / SCITT Lead
Mrs N Rheeder
Mrs K Jeyakumaran - Year 8 Pastoral Lead
Ms C Fernandez
Mr V Ladwa


Mr J Cronin - Head of Faculty
Mrs A Sharma - Lead on Chemistry
Mrs P Ball
Mr C Crossley
Dr G Harbach - Lead on Physics
Miss P Patel
Mrs A Manolache
Ms A Jacob
Ms L Kefala
Mrs R Karena - Professional Coach
Mr I Frankish
Mr J Kamara
Mr R Metcalfe - Professional Coach
Mrs A Achuthan
Ms T Davison - Technician  
Ms J Vass - Technician  
Mrs S Vincent - Technician  


Mr S Watson - Head of Faculty
Mr A Davies - Year 10 Progress Lead
Mrs C Paramu-Field - Head of Food Technology
Mrs Z Archer
Miss E Charman - Abbey House Champion
Mrs A Boosey - Technician  
Mr T Creasey - Technician  
Mrs T Stevens - Technician  


MFL, Media & Computer Science  
Mrs S Brautigam - Acting Head of Faculty
Ms S Dennis - Head of Faculty
Mrs C Tolland - Head of MFL
Miss R Sorce - MFL
Miss R Heath - MFL  
Ms J Macaree - MFL  
Ms M Vivancos - MFL  
Mrs C Roberts - Head of Media / Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing
Mr E Sanniez - Head of Computer Science / Lead on Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance
Mr B Ghaffar - Computer Science / Lead on Gifted & Talented Provision
Mr S Nazir - Computer Science / Lead of Student Voice


Miss S Cave - Head of Faculty
Miss J Stevens - Year 9 Progress Lead
Mr D Rice
Miss C Roe - Year 11 Pastoral Lead
Miss H McCabe- Head of Geography / Lead on Literacy across the Curriculum
Mrs L Murphy  
Mr L Reynolds - Business Studies / Lead on Inter-House / KS223 Transition Lead


Performing and Visual Arts  
Miss H Claringbull - Head of Faculty / Lead on Enrichment Week
Mrs Y Chawla - Head of Dance
Mrs C Watkins - Joint Head of Drama / Teacher of Media
Ms K Le Marquand - Joint Head of Drama / Lead on School Charities
Mr D Gwynne - Year 9 Pastoral Lead
Mrs J Archer - Head of Art
Mr J Hyland


Physical Education  
Mr D Smith - Head of Faculty / Head of Construction / Magna House Champion
Mrs K Jennings - Deputy Head of Faculty
Mr R Onions - Year 8 Progress Lead
Mr M Rose - Year 7 Pastoral Lead
Mrs K San Emeterio - Professional CPD Coach
Miss N Spencer - Year 11 Progress Lead
Miss J Weekes
Mrs E Bull - Thames House Champion
Mr M Rushmer - Technician  


Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development (SMSC)  
Mr R Banthorpe - Head of Faculty / Lead on PSHE
Miss A Ellis


Learning Support  
Miss R Kippin - SENCO    
Mrs H Sheridan  
Mrs H Pears  
Mrs C Angus  
Mrs K Butler  
Mr T De Paiva  
Miss R Hammond  
Mrs A Hall  
Miss S McEvoy  
Miss L Allen - Homework Club / Library  
Mrs I Miyanji - Administrative Support


Pastoral / Student Services      
Mrs J Schofield - Pastoral Manager
Ms M Oleksy - Assistant Pastoral Manager  
Mr M Packham - Duke of Edinburgh / Pastoral Support  
Mrs C Steede - Deputy DSL  
Ms J Bird - Attendance Officer
Mrs N Lainsbury - Student Support / Mentor  
Ms A Emberton - East to West Relational Youth Support Worker  
Miss R Stygal - Homework Club / Library  


Mrs C Camburn - School Secretary / Head's PA
Mrs L Cooper - Student Services / Finance & Admin Support  
Mrs L Gillett - Admin / Work Experience
Miss A O'Sullivan - ParentMail / Website / Admin
Mrs C Eve - Health and Safety / Trips  
Miss J McIntyre - Reprographics  
Ms L Searle - Receptionist / Faculty Support  
Mrs M Taylor - Receptionist / Admin  
Mr C Walker - Community Manager
Mrs S Nicholas - Clerk to Governors


    Mrs J Eveleigh - Finance Manager                               
    Mrs S Elliott - Finance Assistant
    Mrs J Meadows - Finance Assistant
    Mrs A Kelly - Personnel  


    Mrs J Allen - Exams Officer, Sims Manager, Data Manager
    Mrs A Ashbey - Exams Assistant  


    Mr N Cooper - Site Manager          
    Mr N Speyers - Caretaker  
    Mr S Browne- Caretaker  
    Mr H Pandya - Caretaker  


    IT Services  
    Mr B Wakefield - IT Delivery Manager / IT Services  
    Mr S Link - Senior IT Services Engineer  
    Miss K Shorey - Junior IT Services Engineer  

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