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Subjects in our Faculty study how people approach and investigate their world, and how this has changed over time. Such enquiries enable us to feel connected to others around the world and to those who lived before us. We are the subjects concerned with making a difference.

At times subjects in our Faculty do not offer straightforward or "right" answers, instead we challenge students to think of creative solutions to the problems we all face. As a result, it's no surprise that young people who have studied Humanities subjects at Key Stage 4 and beyond are popular with employers considering the personal development of our students and the knowledge we nurture within them. Subjects in our Faculty are directly linked to our students' future lives in modern Britain, and our curriculum helps address questions of great significance such as:

- What role do students have in a globalised world?

- What rights and responsibilities do we have in modern Britain, and how does this compare to others around the world?

- How has history shaped the culture and beliefs of the United Kingdom?

The School is also proud to be at the heart of the celebrations for the Magna Carta's 800th anniversary. After the countdown was started at 10 Downing Street with Year 10 Historians in 2014, the History Department has worked with a wide range of partners both locally and nationally to ensure all students understand the significance of this landmark event in history. This has included collaboration with Egham Museum, the Royal Holloway University and The National Archives and our students have represented the School at the House of Lords as well as a number of other events.

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At TMCS, the Humanities Faculty is made up of three complementary subjects - Geography, History, and Law. All options are popular with students and have a proud record of academic progress with great outcomes for students. Lessons are innovative, engaging and supportive for students of all abilities. In addition, a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities exists for all year groups with popular trips to the Houses of Parliament, Windsor Castle, Brighton, the Imperial War Museum and Rome in Summer 2015.

Business Studies

The role of business is to make the world a better place for everyone - creating wealth and wellbeing, prosperity, jobs and choices. Our aim is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of students of the business world and to develop within them an appreciation of the influences and constraints within which businesses work.

By acquiring an understanding of these issues and considering them in a National and International context, students will be able to develop their own values and standards. This will better prepare them for the workplace and help them to make informed choices about their future careers.

The subject offers a diverse and engaging variety of topics which focus on contemporary local, national and international businesses. Your development should be an adventure of discovery, just as ours continues to be. In today’s business world, you need to be an explorer, an originator and an entrepreneur. Studying business will equip learners with valuable, transferable skills.

As well as specific subject knowledge, learners will be required to work individually as well as part of a team.

They will learn the importance of communications, both verbal and written; be required to engage in problem solving activities; take individual and corporate responsibility as required.  All of this will therefore develop their confidence and their professionalism.

Business Studies is one of the school’s most popular option subjects and many continue through to do level 3 courses (BTEC and A-Levels at college). At The Magna Carta School, we offer students a BTEC Level 2 First Award in Business qualification and the department regularly achieves outstanding results. This qualification provides excellent progression, not only for further educational study up to degree level, but prepares students well for the world of work beyond school.

Miss S Cave
Head of Faculty