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Business, Innovation, and Communtication

The BIC faculty encompasses a number of subjects that provide students with opportunities to develop a range of employability skills that employers consider essential for successful performance in working life.

Business is all around us, it never sleeps, and it is important to our society and for our standards of living; it is where the majority of students will be after full time education. The core qualification on offer to business students is the BTEC Level 2 First Award in Business. BTEC qualifications are designed by industry to provide specialist work related qualifications and are therefore recognised by employers and education institutions.

Studying business ensures that students gain knowledge, skills, understanding and experience of the “real” world. Through the use of local case studies, work experience, and vocational learning opportunities, students learn to apply, analyse and evaluate their learning of key business topics and issues, in the context of real business situations. In an ever changing and competitive world studying business prepares our students well for their chosen path beyond school.

Business is a popular choice for large numbers of students at our school. Many of our students have continued their studies of the subject in further education colleges and universities, with much success. The Business Department at The Magna Carta School is highly successful. Individual student progress is outstanding, which significantly contributes to the excellent grades and headline figures achieved in this department

Computer Science is a core subject that all students study in line with government curriculum changes. Students in year 10 start their GCSE in Computing, for completion at the end of year 11. Computer Science has many facets and pervades the whole curriculum. It therefore forms a useful combination with any programme of study, including business, humanities and the arts. It is a highly motivating course and develops the knowledge and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users and practitioners.

Throughout the key stages our students will acquire skills to enable them to select and use appropriate ICT tools and techniques, carry out investigations; capture and handle data; solve problems; make decisions, present and communicate information. Our students will also increase their awareness of the benefits and drawbacks of ICT and its impact on the way people live their lives.

Media Studies is designed to empower students with research, marketing, and practical design skills on various technologies and software including PhotoShop, iMovie, Garage Band, GameMaker. They also develop organisational and production skills in video and game design as well as the ability to evaluate their own work and provide feedback to others.

Students build on group communication skills and are encouraged to develop leadership qualities; ultimately giving them the confidence to pitch ideas, give presentations and collaborate on creative projects. Skills which are vital in any career or profession students are interested in pursuing. Media Studies it is a subject which students get enormous pleasure from, they leave the course with an industry related qualification and the ability to question what they see and hear in the media, rather than just accepting it.

“Learning is not a spectator sport.” (D. Blocher)

Mrs L Knight
Head of Faculty



The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do unknown