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Maths at The Magna Carta School has had great success over recent years by challenging all students to have an "I Can Do Maths!" attitude.  

Our most recent 2014 GCSE results saw 79% of our students achieve an A* - C grade in the subject, with 32%of students achieving an A or A*.  We are continually looking to reach new heights with our results, whilst ensuring that all students make at least their expected progress within the subject.

In September 2015, we will be introducing GCSE Statistics as an additional qualification that will run alongside the regular GCSE Mathematics Program during Years 9 & 10.  All students will be entered to achieve this qualification at the conclusion of Year 10.  Every student will then continue with the regular GCSE in Maths, which will be completed at the end of Year 11.  Student competency in the subject area is high and thus completing two qualifications in the subject area will open further opportunities for the students in the future.

In addition to this, the new GCSE Program introduced by the government will begin as of September 2015 and will be first examined in June 2017.  There are changes to curriculum which are summarised here:


We aim to develop confident thinkers who have the tools to overcome challenges positively and face adversity calmly. It is important to us that the students have the ability to be competent mathematicians upon leaving school, with the ability to tackle all the real world mathematics that comes their way.

Wherever possible, we aim to provide students with the links to real world uses for what they are learning, in order to enhance their appreciation of the subject.

In order to aid their development, opportunities are provided within the department for students to take part in UKMT National Competitions and local school competitions. Maths Week is also a planned yearly event, which sees students participate in a variety of lessons relating to money and finance, as well as more cross curricular related activities with a maths theme.

Throughout the school, the pupils learn through a combination of class teaching, group activities, as well as exercises from text books and worksheets. Each student completes three assessments per year to monitor their progress and also to inform future planning. Students are encouraged to identify their strengths and weaknesses and plan their own personal time to improve upon their skills.

We hope that the challenge and support provided to our students allows them to be confident with numbers and as problem solvers for the next stage of their journey. 

Mr C Reilly
Head of Faculty

MyMaths Guide (PDF 7,238KB)