Brooklands Museum

Year 10s mentor Year 4s at Brooklands Museum

Tuesday 3rd July saw some of our Year 10 students visit Brooklands Museum on a unique activity where they mentored Year 4 primary students. The museum with its aviation and motoring heritage was the ideal venue to get students to think about problems related to aerodynamics and forces.

"The trip really helped to build bridges between the two year groups (Year 4 and Year 10). It was a really positive atmosphere that made the whole day very enjoyable."
Brooke Beard.

"It was a really great opportunity to interact with the younger years and it was nice to help them with a variety of activities"
Grace Smithen

"It was inspiring to see the Year 4s progress throughout the day and to see them so happy to have succeeded by the end."
Thomas Niblett

"Being able to help the Year 4s with their challenges was a lot of fun, especially when they got to try their parachutes - even if there were some interesting results!"
Amy Young

The Year 10s did a wonderful job of mentoring the younger students and were complimented by many of the adults. 

The mother of an autistic boy came up to me and said of Grace Smithen’s team “My son has autism.  Your girls handled him beautifully and brought the best out of him today - thank you so much”

A primary teacher said of Jacque Bader “He built a really excellent rapport with the younger students, we were really impressed”.

And of Amy Young, came the comment “She has a natural talent for dealing with the younger children. We really liked the way she encouraged the students and worked with them patiently.”

Finally I would like to end with a quote from one of the organisers:

A huge thank you to your Year 10 students for their superb mentoring of the Year 4 children yesterday. They are an absolute credit to your school and made the day a very successful one.  We hope to work with you again next year.”
Laura Dobson, Teaching & Learning Consultant